What types of computer visualization do we distinguish?

The rapid development of the computer graphics segment influenced the possibilities that we can achieve with the use of 3D visualization tools. Currently, creating visualizations for the client does not come down to just static screenshots, but we can also use a number of other types of visualizations.


When talking about the types of technologies in which we can create computer visualization, we must start with the basic division in which it occurs: Static visualization, 3D animation Interactive visualization, This is one of the basic divisions that we must take into account when creating computer graphics. We encourage you to check our work in Cinema 4D, interior scene, and more.

Detailed overview

Static visualization allows you to get the best visual and photorealistic effect. It is mainly used for advertising and marketing purposes. Examples of use are:

  • interior visualization for the website,
  • Printed catalog,
  • booklet,
  • advertising banner

3D animation is an extension of static visualization but in the form of motion. This form allows you to present the interior in motion, which attracts attention and stands out from the competition. An example of use is 3d animation of a camera flying through an interior or a housing estate. This allows you to present the investment from all sides.

Interactive and VR visualization. It is the newest technological solution. As the name suggests, it allows the user to navigate through the visualization, interacting such as changing the color of furniture, walls. Of course, all in real-time. In our projects, you will find visualizations made in cinema 4d, interior octane, and visualizations in other engines. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate and write to us!

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