Tools in 3D visualization

Nowadays, we have a very large selection of tools for creating 3D visualizations. The choice is only a matter of a 3D designer and the requirements of a customer. The most important thing is what we expect to achieve in our projects.


Let’s start with the technology on its own and how we can split it into groups:
   – static visualizations
   – 3D animation
   – an interactive visualization (Virtual Reality, VR)

It is one of the most basic or fundamental divisions to consider when we think about creating computer graphics.


The static visualization lets us get the best visuals and photorealistic effects. It is mainly used for advertisement and marketing purposes.
Examples of uses are:

– a 3D visualization for website
– printed catalog
– a booklet
– advertising banner

C4D Interior scene

A 3D animation is an extension of a static visualization but it has a form of movement. This kind of form lets us present an interior in a movement and it is interesting for the recipient. Another advantage of a 3D animation is the distinction from the competition.  An example of usage is: 3D animation of the camera fly-by through an interior or a housing estate. It will let us make a presentation of investment in every side. See one example of our 3D animation:

Interactive visualization and VR. It is the newest technology solution. As the name says, it lets a user for a movement inside of a visualization, interactive change of color furniture or walls. Everything in real-time, of course.

Check out our cinema 4d free models 3D visualizations.

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