Which 3D rendering engine to choose from?

What is the rendering engine?

When creating advanced graphic visualizations, we will finally come across a moment when we will have to choose the appropriate rendering engine, e.g. Corona render or Octane render, but what is it? The rendering engine is an integral part of any 3D program.

It is thanks to the use of a rendering engine that we will obtain photorealistic scenes and interiors rich in a number of details. Each of the individual engines has its pros and cons. Currently, the most popular on the market are:

  • Corona,
  • Octana,
  • V-ray,
  • Mental-ray

Of course, these are not all rendering engines, because we will find many solutions on the market and it is only up to us to decide which one to choose.

What does the rendering engine do?

If we plan to create 3D models whose quality will be close to photorealism, then we have to choose a rendering engine. Below you can see the effects used to create cinema 4D interior corona using the popular rendering engine. The effects and differences can be seen immediately.

Interior before rendering
Interior after rendering

Which rendering engine to choose from?

There is no clear answer to this question here because it all depends on our requirements and expectations. It is definitely worth testing different solutions to finally decide on a specific rendering engine. Or you can check out our free 3d models c4d to test different rendering engines.

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